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> RFMD Envelope Tracking Technology

RFMD Envelope Tracking Technology

RFMD's unique Envelope Tracking (ET) technology significantly enhances power efficiency in new LTE platforms. Other benefits include:

  • Enhanced battery life across all modes and bands
  • Increased network coverage
  • Higher data rate throughput


RFMD is a pioneer in the development of RF power management and ET technology. This technology is currently supporting multiple new 4G reference designs and 4G smartphones that incorporate its ET power amplifiers (PAs) and power management integrated circuits (PMICs).

Unlike traditional PAs that operate with a constant supply voltage, the supply voltage applied to RFMD's ET-enabled PAs is continuously adjusted so that the amplifier operates at maximum power efficiency based on real-time output power requirements. The result is up to 25% less current consumption which translates to much lower battery power consumption, particularly in LTE platforms.

ET technology adjusts the supply voltage to the power amplifier, allowing it to adapt so it can establish efficient use of the power required at each transmission.

RFMD's growing ET portfolio includes multi-mode, multi-band (MMMB) and satellite PAs and PMICs tailored for today's leading LTE chipsets, and provides full ET compatible coverage of all FD-LTE and TD-LTE bands (1-14, 17-21, 25-28, 38, 39, 40, 41, and 44).

RFMD’s History with Envelope Tracking

First installed on smartphones, this technology has been proven to provide an extended battery life, increased network coverage, and a continuously adjusted supply voltage. For more information about RFMD’s Envelope Tracking technology or to speak with a specialist, please use our contact page or call us at 336.678.5570.