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> High Efficiency Power Conversion

High Efficiency Power Conversion

RFMD is enabling a new generation of high voltage GaN based power switching devices with substantial increases in efficiency and power density by leveraging the Company’s deep experience in RF level GaN technology and manufacturing capabilities.

rGaN-HV™ is RFMD’s advanced high power Gallium Nitride (GaN) semiconductor technology with voltage ratings from 650V today and up to 1200V in the future. RFMD has developed a new type of high voltage GaN HEMT offering low specific on-resistance, extremely low output capacitance and very fast switching with the lowest energy losses of any power device.

SSFET (Sourced Switched FET) is RFMD’s normally-off power switch utilizing the rGaN-HV HEMT providing the same insulated gate ease of use as a power MOSFET or an IGBT, but with much higher efficiency at much higher PWM frequencies. The SSFET uses the bidirectional capability of the GaN HEMT to provide an ultra-fast freewheeling diode function eliminating the need for a separate antiparallel diode.

SSFET Product Offering

RFMD’s initial products range from a 45mohm, 650V SSFET (RFJS3006F) in an isolated TO247 package to an 85mohm, 650V SSFET (RFJS1506Q) in a surface mount 8x8 mm PQFN. In the coming year, RFMD is expanding this family to include lower Rds(on), higher voltages, and new package styles.

Major Applications

Telecom ACDC Rectifiers EV/HEV Battery Chargers
Server ACDC Power Supplies UPS Inverters
High Voltage DCDC Converters Solar Inverters
LCD/LED TV Power Supplies Industrial and Servo Drives

Reference Design Solutions

Totem-Pole PFC - 3kW bridgeless TP PFC design kit and EVB with > 99% efficiency

Boost Converter - 2.4kW standard boost converter design kit and EVB with >99% efficiency

Synch Boost Converter - 1kW boost converter design kit and EVB using 85mohm PQFN SSFET as the switch and synch boost diode with > 99% efficiency