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Non Cellular Smart Energy

RFMD's Smart Energy and ZigBee® product offerings cover a wide array of industrial, scientific, and medical (ISM) frequency bands from 169MHz through 2.5GHz. These provide support for multiple industry standards, including IEEE802.15.4 and IEEE802.11af/ah. Our RF component solutions support many applications, such as Internet-of-Things (IoT), Smart Energy, AMR/AMI metering, Home Entertainment, Home Sensors, Alarm Systems, Thermostats, Demand and Mesh Networks, Mobile Service (i.e. mobile healthcare), Commercial Building Monitoring, and Industrial Device Control (i.e. machine-to-machine M2M).

While many of these applications are straightforward, the following may require further understanding to see if this technology is suitable for your industry needs:

  • Internet-of-Things (IoT) -- This is relevant to particular objects and their virtual representations in an Internet-like setting. IoT has the capacity to equip objects with identifying devices or machine-readable identifiers (i.e. barcodes).
  • AMR/AMI metering -- Automatic Meter Reading (AMR) and Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI) allow for efficiency in collecting data from energy and water metering devices. This data can be automatically transferred to a database for tracking, billing, calibration, and more.
  • Demand and Mesh Networks -- These applications take the changing traffic demand of wireless networks and offer predictive routing that keeps traffic moving. Mesh networks also work to examine possible, future traffic demands and plan routing strategies, accordingly.


Keeping with our smart energy standards, RFMD’s product portfolio emphasizes low power consumption, cost effectiveness, and reliability for a longer life span (no matter the battery size). The frequency bands allow for world-wide coverage and support multiple regions with a single device.

RFMD Portfolio Products

RFMD's Smart Energy front end portfolio includes: highly integrated front end modules (PA/LNA/Switch has multiple configurations, including single-ended, diversity, baluns, through-path and harmonic filtering), discrete power amplifiers (PAs), discrete Low Noise Amplifiers (LNAs), high-performance switches(SPDT, DPDT, and SP3T), and switch-LNA modules

RFMD Advantages

  • ISM Band solutions covering 169MHz to 2.5GHz Frequency bands
  • Alignment with the world’s leading chipset solutions
  • Full Reference Designs, enabling fast-turn design capabilities with all support materials and documentation
  • Range of power capabilities targeting regional compliance, while optimizing low current consumption
  • Highly integrated products with varying configurations that expedite time to market



Name Transceiver RFMD Part # POUT
RFFM6901ADF7023 Analog Devices ADF7023 RFFM6901 ~30dBm
RFSM6575RC128A Atmel ATmega128RFA1 RF6575 >20dBm
RF6505RC128 Atmel ATmega128RFA1 RF6505 >27dBm
RF6555ATM256 Atmel ATMega256RFR2 RF6555 ~18dBm
RF6555KW24D512 Freescale KW24D512 RF6555 ~18dBm
RFSM6535MC13213 Freescale MC13213 RF6535 >20dBm
RF6555MC1323x Freescale MC1323x RF6555 >18dBm
RFFM6204EM357 Silicon Labs EM357 RFFM6204  ~13dBm
RFSM6525EM357 Silicon Labs EM357 RF6525 >20dBm
RFSM6555EM357 Silicon Labs EM357 RF6555 ~18dBm
RFFM6201EM357 Silicon Labs EM357 RFFM6201 ~23dBm
RF6569Si446x Silicon Labs Si446x RF6569 >30dBm
RF3858CC1101 Texas Instruments CC1101 RF3858 / RF1126 >30dBm
RFFM6500CC1120 Texas Instruments CC1120 RFFM6500 ~27dBm
RF6569CC1120 Texas Instruments CC1120 RF6569 >30dBm
RF6505CC2530 Texas Instruments CC2530 RF6505 >27dBm
SX1231SKC-RF6519 Semtech SX1231 RF6519 >26dBm