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Quality Overview

At RFMD, we are committed to providing products of world-class design, performance, reliability, and quality. Our quality program includes leading-edge design techniques, extensive subcontractor and supply line management, comprehensive statistical process control, in-process verification, and final product verification.

Whether manufacturing takes place at our own wafer fabrication facilities, or via one of our foundry partners, RFMD's rigorous attention to quality generates a high level of customer satisfaction. Because of this, RFMD has become one of the world's fastest growing RF integrated circuit manufacturers.

Worldwide Quality Overview

Quality Systems

  • Ensure processes are defined , documented, and controlled
  • Audits are conducted and corrective / preventative action is taken
  • Controlling of documents and records

Customer Quality

  • Facilitate the organization to achieve and improve customer satisfaction.
  • Works closely with our customers and internal organizations to collect and act on data to improve customer satisfaction

Supplier Quality

  • Responsible for assuring that a supplier has the business systems, process capabilities and process monitors in place to provide consistent quality in their products and services.
  • Assessments are conducted, deficiencies identified and resolved before a supplier can be placed on the “Approved Supplier List” (ASL).

Advanced Reliability

  • Works with Advanced Development Teams/Projects during the new technology development stages helping to provide reliability support during progression toward the product level stage.




Product Quality

  • Works with our design and development teams to ensure the quality requirements of RFMD and the customer are met.
  • Monitor emerging technologies, define and manage product qualifications and drive continuous product quality improvement.

Mfg. Quality

  • Ensuring the internal manufacturing processes are effective and producing product to customer requirements is the responsibility of quality engineers in our manufacturing areas.
  • Engineers carefully monitor process control data and continuously drive improvements throughout the process.


  • RFMD maintains a robust calibration program to ensure the capability of our monitoring and measuring equipment. Accuracy of measurements is assured by maintaining traceability to national standards.

Failure Analysis and Reliability

  • The failure analysis group provides electrical and physical failure data on products throughout their life cycle.
  • The reliability group conducts device and package level stress testing on all RFMD parts to ensure they meet quality and reliability standards.


For more information, please take a look at RFMD’s RFMD Quality Overview Presentation