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RFMD® at IMS2011

About the Event

Beginning on June 5, 2011, the international engineering community will converge in Baltimore, MD, for the largest IEEE-sponsored yearly event—Microwave Week. With a "Microwaves for the World" theme, the symposium will cover developments in microwave technology from nano devices to system applications. Microwave Week includes:
  • IEEE MTT-S (Microwave Theory & Techniques Society) June 5 -10, 2011
  • IMS 2011 (International Microwave Symposium) June 5 -10, 2011
  • RFIC (Radio-Frequency Integrated Circuit Symposium) June 5-7, 2011
  • ARFTG (Automatic Radio-Frequency Techniques Group) June 10, 2011 Conference
  • IMS Exhibition June 7-9, 2011

RFMD Exhibition Booth

In Booth 1402, RFMD will showcase our industry-leading RF and microwave product portfolio for Point-to-Point Microwave Radio, WiFi, WiMAX, Smart Energy AMI, ZigBee®, Wireless Infrastructure, Aerospace and Defense, Broadband Transmission, and General Purpose RF Product Applications. Highlighted in our product display cases and presentation kiosks, IMS 2011 attendees will see firsthand the newest products from RFMD. Our RF technology and system experts will be on hand in the RFMD booth to meet with attendees and to answer questions. If you would like to schedule a meeting with RFMD at IMS 2011, click here.

RFMD Technical Sessions and Workshops

Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday
WSE IMS Technical Workshop
8:00am – 5:20pm WSE IMS Technical Workshop

Advancements in Linear Power Amplifiers for Cellular Infrastructure
“Advancements in GaN Technology”
Presented by RFMD

Cellular infrastructure equipment market forces are demanding improvements in power amplifier performance in terms of power, efficiency and linearity for increasingly wider bandwidth signals. This challenge is being addressed with research and advancements on several fronts, including device technology (Si LDMOS, GaAs HBT, GaN), PA circuit architecture (Doherty circuits and high power ICs), and more effective PA linearization techniques.

RMO2C RFIC Panel Session
10:00am – 11:40am RMO2C RFIC Panel Session

Advanced Architecture PAs
Chaired by RFMD

This panel session will be divided into sections including:
  • A W-band Current Combined Power Amplifier with 14.8dBm Psat and 9.4% Maximum PAE in 65nm CMOS
  • X-to-K band Broadband Watt-level Power Amplifier Using Stacked-FET Unit Cells
  • Wideband High Efficiency Envelope Tracking Integrated Circuit for Micro-Basestation Power Amplifiers
  • A Power-Combined Switched-Capacitor Power Amplifier in 90nm CMOS
  • A 1.8GHz Wide-Band Stacked-Cascode CMOS Power Amplifier for WCDMA Applications in 65nm Standard CMOS
  • WMJ IMS Technical Workshop
    1:30pm–5:20pm WMJ IMS Technical Workshop

    “Applications on How Table Based Models Complement Compact Device Modeling”
    Presented by RFMD

    Nonlinear models can be separated into three categories: physical models, table based models (TBM) and empirical compact models (ECM). Today, the bulk of nonlinear modeling for circuit design applications is accomplished using empirical compact models, but recent developments of more robust table based models could impact that dominance. This workshop will examine the strengths and weaknesses of both TBM and ECM approaches in terms of measurement requirements, computation complexity, model accuracy, required expertise, cost, etc. Some examples of mixed modeling approaches will also be presented.

    ITU2G-1 IMS Technical Session
    10:00am – 10:20pm ITU2G-1 IMS Technical Session

    A Broadband High-Dynamic-Range Voltage-Controlled Attenuator MMIC with an IIP3 > +47 dBm Over Entire 30-dB Analog Control Range
    Presented by RFMD

    In this paper we introduce a novel design technique for broadband high dynamic range absorptive voltage con¬trolled attenuators (VCA) on SOI CMOS. The VCA design is based on the classical passive FET ‘Pi’ and ‘Tee’ attenuator structures but uses stacked FET techniques to dramatically improve the signal handling capability. The VCA has 30dB attenuation range over a frequency range from DC to 5GHz and achieves an IIP3 of greater than +47dBm over the entire analog control range.

    IMS Panel Session
    12:00pm – 1:20pm IMS Panel Session

    What Is the Limit of Multi-Radio Integration ... Or Rather, Is It ‘Disintegration’?
    RFMD panelist

    Only a decade ago, single-chip RF-SoC integration was universally thought to be impossible or at least uneconomical. Nowadays, the pioneering days of single-chip radios are largely over and the innovation efforts are applied to integrating multiple radio cores on the same silicon die. This effort has already resulted in commercial offerings of multi-core wireless connectivity and cellular radios from a few companies, but has revealed some interesting RF co-existence issues: Integrating additional radio cores appears to exponentially increase the overall design and productization complexity, more so than in the case of isolated radios. Why is that and what can be done to address that? What is the ultimate limit of multi-core radio integration?

    IMS Panel Session
    12:00pm – 1:20pm IMS Panel Session

    Commercial Viability of RF MEMS: A Reality or a Dream?
    RFMD panelist

    Recent results from wiSpry and Cavendish Kinetics on RF MEMS switched capacitors on CMOS substrates indicate excellent performance for tunable front ends at 0.5-2.5GHz. These devices can be used in multi-band antennas, matching networks between the antenna and the power amplifiers, and for high-Q designs (Q > 100), in tunable bandpass and notch filters. On the other side, Omron is selling DC-20GHz SPDT switches for relays and instrumentation systems with more than 100 million cycle reliability (compare with 1 to 5 million cycles for standard relays), and Agilent is working on RF MEMS switches up to 67 GHz. There is also a lot of interest from Europe (EPCOS/TDK), and from several Taiwanese, Japanese and Korea companies, mostly for cell phone applications.

    IMS MicroApps Forum, Booth 413
    12:00pm – 1:30pm IMS MicroApps Forum, Booth 413

    Nonlinear Characterization Expert Forum
    Moderated by RFMD

    A forum and webcast featuring experts in RF nonlinear device measurement and characterization. A panel of experts will discuss solutions and trends in nonlinear device characterization from the perspective of new measurement equipment, techniques and device representation in EDA tools. An open panel discussion session will follow the presentations including audience questions from both live and online participants.

    WEPK-2 Interactive Forum
    12:00pm – 2:00pm WEPK-2 Interactive Forum

    VHF Doherty Amplifier with GaN FETs and Independent Drive-signal Control
    Presented by RFMD

    A VHF Doherty amplifier with independent drive-signal control is presented. An I-Q modulator/up-converter is used to produce the driving signals at a carrier frequency of 144 MHz. The amplifiers of the Doherty transmitter are designed using GaN FETs and lumped-element networks. The carrier amplifier operates in class-B with a drain efficiency of 63% while the peaking amplifier operates in class-C with an efficiency of 73%.

    TH1G-2 IMS Technical Session
    8:20am – 8:40am TH1G-2 IMS Technical Session

    Broadband Reconfigurable Matching Network of Reduced Dimensions for the UHF Military Satellite Communication Band
    Presented by RFMD

    A good impedance match between a transmitter and an antenna is essential to achieve power efficiency and maxi¬mize the effective radiated power. In portable scenarios, the antenna impedance is usually subject to wide varia¬tions, mostly due to its interaction with nearby objects. This paper presents a reconfigurable, low loss matching network that provides a wide range of impedance match over a bandwidth that exceeds one octave. Experimental results are provided for the 220 to 450MHz band.

    TH3B IMS Technical Session
    2:20pm – 4:00pm TH3B IMS Technical Session

    Frequency Conversion and Control
    RFMD Co-Chair

    This session highlights two millimeter wave ICs for vector modulation and two mixers in the microwave range. The last paper of the session is an injection locked frequency divider.

    For the complete IMS 2011 Technical Program, click here

    Can't make it to IMS 2011?

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