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> RFMD rGaN-HV High-Voltage GaN

RFMD rGaN-HV High-Voltage GaN

RFMD, a global leader in the design and manufacture of high-performance compound semiconductor components,leverages its industry-leading gallium nitride (GaN) technology and manufacturing capability to create innovative,high-power and high-performance GaN power semiconductor devices enabling substantial energy savings and higher power densities for a plethora of power conversion applications.The new technology, rGaN-HV™, is optimized for high voltage power devices in power conversion applications.

RFMD's GaN manufacturing at a glance:

  • One of the World’s Largest GaN Manufacturing Facilities
  • In-House GaN Fab Located in Greensboro, NC
  • Fully Qualified Processes Since 2009
  • Proven Process Capability for GaN HEMT Devices Ranging up to 650V
  • Ability to Provide 0.5μm GaN Custom Foundry Services for Both RF and Power Electronics Applications
  • Best-in-Class Cycle Times and Excellent Customer Support


RFMD's world-class research and development team extends its unmatched GaN capability with the development of a new high-voltage GaN-power technology platform known as rGaN-HV. This technology enables substantial system cost and energy savings in power conversion applications ranging from 1 to 50 KW. RFMD's rGaN-HV currently delivers device breakdown voltages up to 650 900 volts, high peak current capability, and ultra-fast switching times for GaN power switches and diodes.

The SSFET (Sourced Switched FET) is RFMD's normally-off commercially available power switch utilizing the rGaN-HV HEMT that provides the same insulated gate ease of use as a power MOSFET or an IGBT, but enabling much higher efficiency at much higher PWM frequencies. The SSFET uses the bidirectional capability of the GaN HEMT to provide an ultra-fast freewheeling diode function eliminating the need for a separate antiparallel diode.

RFMD’s rGaN-HV SSFET Features

  • Up to 650V Rated Devices
  • Rugged Extra BV Safety Margin
  • Low RDS(ON) down to 45mohms
  • Very Low Gate Charge and Coss
  • Ultra low (Qrr) of Intrinsic Diode <60nC
  • High Peak Current Capability


SSFET Product Offering

RFMD's initial products range from a 45mohm, 650V SSFET (RFJS3006F) in an isolated TO247 package to an 85mohm, 650V SSFET (RFJS1506Q) in a surface mount 8x8 mm PQFN. RFMD is expanding this family in the coming year to lower Rds(on), new packages including laminate

Why GaN for Power Conversion Applications?

GaN possesses many properties that make it an ideal material for power conversion devices. GaN's performance is substantially superior to silicon, and it is more cost effective than other compound power semiconductors such as silicon carbide. The benefits of GaN power include:

  • Wider Band Gap Reduces On-Resistance at High Voltage
  • Higher Electron Mobility Enables Faster Switching
  • High Temperature Capability for Improved Reliability
  • Lower Cost - Can Be Grown on Silicon Substrates


GaN-based power devices can achieve a specific on-resistance that is 100 times lower than silicon super junction transistors and even 10 times lower than SiC transistors. This enables much smaller die size, lower output capacitance, higher efficiency, and faster switching - ultimately leading to major system cost savings and smaller board footprints.