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Company Information

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Wireless Products and Technology from RFMD

Welcome to a world without wires!

Today’s hyper-connected world is unlocking new value and innovation. As people, devices, networks, and data connect at unprecedented speeds, the challenges of wireless communications are rapidly multiplying. RFMD understands that having clear, reliable connectivity over the air is more vital than ever.

Cutting-Edge Wireless Innovations at RFMD

RFMD enables the mobile-connected world by designing and manufacturing the world’s most powerful and efficient RF products. Our customers rely on us for our technology innovation and market leadership. They come to us for our broad portfolio of RF products and technology. Our RF devices and chipsets can be seen in the world’s leading smartphones, smart grids, sensor networks, entertainment systems, and in the aerospace and defense industries.

RFMD designs and builds RF solutions for a broad spectrum of markets. With our product portfolio, we can match the optimal technology to its specific use. We manufacture in high volumes, without foregoing our highest quality standards.

RFMD’s RF Products in Wireless Applications

Learn more about RFMD’s extensive portfolio of RF solutions, below.

  • Cellular solutions for Handsets, Mobile Devices and M2M Modules -- Leading cellular front ends that provide a broad product portfolio, covering all air interface standards.
  • Wi-Fi -- A large portfolio of RF products for IEEE 802.11 wireless LANs for access points, tablets, smartphones, and video game consoles.
  • Non Cellular Smart Energy -- ZigBee offerings that include smart energy, mobile healthcare, home entertainment, home sensors, building monitoring, and machine-to-machine communications.
  • Wireless Infrastructure -- A broad set of semiconductor and module technologies for various cellular infrastructure applications.
  • CATV/Broadband -- The industry’s most trusted source for reliable RF components and modules, used for customer-premise equipment as well as platforms and reference designs for seamless broadband transmission.
  • Aerospace and Defense -- A complete solution for RF and microwave applications.
  • High Efficiency Power Conversion -- Industry-leading gallium nitride (GaN) technology and manufacturing capability that creates devices for power conversion applications.